The warehouse stores your resources. The higher its level the more resources can be stored. The maximum level of the Warehouse (Like many buildings) is 30.

If your warehouse gets full you cannot gain anymore resources for that amount.

E.G. lets say your warehouse can hold 10000 resources.

If you have 10000 iron, 5000 wood and 9000 clay, you cannot gain anymore iron, however you can get 5000 more wood and 1000 more clay.

It is usually considered wasteful to build your warehouse up faster than your income (either from resource pits or through farming) and your HeadQuarters Building, as the resources used to build all that extra space could be used for more troops, or building up other builds.

In Packet worlds, a level 24 warehouse is requried in order to build your Level 3 Academy. Anything higher than that is only necessary if you farm resources faster than you can use them.

To get more resources in your Warehouse, increase its level:

Level Requirements Capacity
1 Wood60 Clay50 Iron40 1000
2 Wood76 Clay64 Iron50 1229
3 Wood96 Clay81 Iron62 1512
4 Wood121 Clay102 Iron77 1859
5 Wood154 Clay130 Iron96 2285
6 Wood194 Clay165 Iron120 2810
7 Wood246 Clay210 Iron149 3454
8 Wood311 Clay266 Iron185 4247
9 Wood393 Clay338 Iron231 5222
10 Wood498 Clay430 Iron287 6420
11 Wood630 Clay546 Iron358 7893
12 Wood796 Clay693 Iron446 9705
13 Wood1.007 Clay880 Iron555 11932
14 Wood1.274 Clay1.118 Iron691 14670
15 Wood1.612 Clay1.420 Iron860 18037
16 Wood2.039 Clay1.803 Iron1.071 22177
17 Wood2.580 Clay2.290 Iron1.333 27266
18 Wood3.264 Clay2.908 Iron1.659 33523
19 Wood4.128 Clay3.693 Iron2.066 41217
20 Wood5.222 Clay4.691 Iron2.572 50675
21 Wood6.606 Clay5.957 Iron3.202 62305
22 Wood8.357 Clay7.566 Iron3.987 76604
23 Wood10.572 Clay9.608 Iron4.963 94184
24 Wood13.373 Clay12.203 Iron6.180 115798
25 Wood16.917 Clay15.497 Iron7.694 142373
26 Wood21.400 Clay19.682 Iron9.578 175047
27 Wood27.071 Clay24.996 Iron11.925 215219
28 Wood34.245 Clay31.745 Iron14.847 264611
29 Wood43.320 Clay40.316 Iron18.484 325337
30 Wood54.799 Clay51.201 Iron23.013 400000

Resources are used to build buildings and train troops.

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