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There are a variety of Units used throughout Tribal Wars. This guide attempts to provide a glimpse in the advantages, disadvantages, uses of, and a variety of other information on these units. Click on the name of any unit to find more information on the unit.

Unit spear Spear fighter

Unit sword Swordsman

Unit axe Axeman

Unit archer Archer

Unit spy Scout

Unit light Light Cavalry

Unit marcher Mounted Archer

Unit heavy Heavy Cavalry

Unit ram Ram

Unit catapult Catapult

Unit knight Paladin

Unit snob Noblemen

Categories Edit

The units in Tribal Wars can be divided into several categories based on their stats and uses. Click on a category below to find out more information on that category including what units belong to that category, charecteristics of that category, etc.



Siege Weapons

Other Units

Offensive Units

Defensive Units