The Simulator lets you get an idea of the outcome of a fight. To use the simulator, enter your own units and the target's units, the wall and the morale. You can select the item that you want each paladin to carry in battle from a corresponding list. It is also possible to select several items if there are several paladins with various items in the defending village. You just have to take a good guess about how the opponent has equipped his paladin. You should also set whether the units have religious belief, since only troops with this belief have 100% fighting power. If you don't know whether the village lies within the corresponding belief radius, you will need to guess.

You can also change the luck, e.g. to test what happens with -25% luck as the "worst case" scenario. This is relevant if you want to know whether you will win regardless of how lucky (or unlucky) you may be.

Once you have set the options, the simulator calculates the outcome of the battle.

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