1 DBD2 35.794.569 48.862.202 77 634.574 5026 9.722

2 -JG- 34.871.619 45.444.487 73 622.527 4569 9.946

3 DBD 33.528.148 42.437.506 79 537.184 4360 9.733

4 UNSF 31.288.883 41.298.705 73 565.736 4459 9.262

5 XL 26.902.347 31.924.102 68 469.472 3492 9.142

Top 5 tribes 07.07.07


The tribes that have been most noticed in the history of world 4 freely after my (Wangas) memory.

1. OA

Undoubtably a noteable tribe from W4. With just 32 members they managed to achieve rank 2 on the world tribal rankings. Kings of propaganda in the early weeks. Managed to scare most other players to refrain from attacking them, and rather just give them villages and resources. When somebody objected they quickly dealt with them and displayed their "heads" in the public forums. Had there not been a mass attack upon them when there was, they may have achieved rank 1. This tribe was formed by some veterans of the former worlds as a reaction on the decline of quality control of tribes when inviting new members and the rise of the family tribes that dominated the former worlds. They wanted to return to the German play style, a style where there are small tribes and the members have more close contact. Although the tribe itself fell, their point of view survived and greatly influenced the worlds to come.

2. w00t

w00t held the nr.1 rank for a long time. At one point I believe many thought they would take over world 4. Unfortunatly for w00t they made a lot of small tribes enemies at all sides. The other top5 tribes used the advantage to get rid of w00t. This together with massive internal problems, and many players leaving to join Aplhabonkers and Shadowcastes tribe SCAB caused a rapid decline for w00t. w00t managed to fight back for a long time, but against a joint effort from DBD, DBD2, -JG- and UNSF they suffered greatly over time. MCD stood by them as allies through their downfall. They have been knocked down from the top20 on the tribe rankings.

3. DBD

Raised as a phoenix bird from the ashes of UNMC after AWKD disbanded the tribe. The many strong players in the tribe quickly took control over their area, and continued to expand into MCD and w00t territory. The tribe is loved by many for their fearless attitude and impressing comeback after the destruction caused by unloyal and decietful behavior that ultimately gave AWKD no other option but to disband UNMC. Lately the tribe has been surrounded by controversy, but despite that they continue to grow. DBD2 was a result of the merge of [DOOM] and UNNW3. The [DOOM] family crumbled after the duke, Grawler, was forced to step down by DBD. He left the [DOOM] family in a total mess with no remaining allies willing to help and enemies on all sides. UNNW was once a fairly powerful family, and UNNW3 was the strongest of the family. After a very shortlived experiment as a part of DOOM. They stood on their own until the merge and foundation of DBD2. This was achieved through negotiation between Pharoh (DBD), Azyre (DBD), Harlos (DBD), Lerx ([DOOM]), Sir_runningbuttnaked (UNNW3) and Madman1734 (UNNW3). The tribe quickly gained in ranking and holds today the nr.1 spot.

4. MCD

This tribe was led by one of World 4s most debated leaders, Uldor. According to the rumors he led the tribe with an iron fist, and did so very successfully. They quickly gained ranks and territory and managed to hold their position despite heavy attacks from UNSF, DBD, DBD2 and -JG-.