[1] Noblemen are used to take over a village, it's the only type of unit that can do that.


Noblemen are extremely weak units and as such; should not be sent alone in attacks. There fore; when using Noblemen always send a large amount of troops with them..


For each academy level you can educate a noblemen, conquered villages also count to this so:


Number of academy levels -(Existing nobleman + Nobleman in Training + Conquered villages)

The price of noblemen gets higher by 1 bundle of resources(28k wood/30k clay/25k iron) for each nobleman/conquered village you have.

When you take over a village the nobleman becomes the ruler of that village so it still counts to how many noblemen you can make.


  • The filename of the image for noblemen is unit_snob.png. Also the address bar for the academy contains the word snob