Overview of LotD's basic history Edit

Legion of the Damned

LotD is a tribe only found in W5. Legion of the Damned was originally named 'Name Pending' (*NP*) until an appropriate name was found, and was founded by Matt-the-twat. Druvovic was also incorporated as a joint leader in the beginning, as well as Litwol being a Baron. Druvovic had to quit Tribalwars, and Litwol left the tribe momentarily. Since then, the tribe has been run by Matt-the-twat and mcgonagr, with Salah al-Din being a Baron. Litwol has also re-joined the tribe, but as a member. The tribe has more or less stayed in the top 20 since it was created. LotD has been a member of the famous LFKD alliance since the beginning of world 5.

Recent History Update Edit

With Matt-The-Twat leaving world 5 and McGonagr moving to Iraq for his real life job, AWKD has become the Duke of LotD. AWKD selected DudeyBoy(Formerly a Baron in PK's) as his second in charge. Mcgonagr arrived in Iraq, upon arriving he realizes he will be to continue playing but in a different role as special advisory to AWKD. LotD has always prided itself on being an elite dedicated fighting force, as such the number of players in the tribe shrunk down to 47. Original members still in the tribe as of 20070924 (AWKD, McGonagr, Roddiablo, Dep5**, flamydale, daddyjay, THE_SoulSeeker, Alarac, goldwingman, dvoider, pithull, and ofcourse the dirty foul mouthed members former of the tribe SMUG.)

LotD has recently merged with their great friends former of the tribe Tororg. More info to come later.