Unit heavy Heavy Cavalry have both a high offense and a high defense, but are very expensive. Heavy Cavalry are particularly useful later in the when speed is needed to send support to several villages quickly.

Multiple tactics can be carried out using Heavy Cavalry. Whilst a lot of players believe them to be completely useless due to the cost and the amount of population they take up - it has been proved time and time again that they are worth while in certain situations.

For instance, some players choose to remove the swords within their defense villages in order to replace them with Heavy Cavalry. This allows them to build up a defense force faster than if they built purely spears and swords, and also gives them the option to send out fast support. 

Some of the more daring players have also brought into play a tactic where they remove the Light Cavalry within their offense villages for Heavy Cavalry. This strategy, however, is complex and requires a spears and Heavy Cavalry.

Offensive Strength:150

General Defense:200

Cavalry Defense:80

Archer Defense:180



VERSATILITY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALL


Stable Level 10

Smithy Level 15

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