Axemen or Axes == The main use for the axeman is attack its attack strength is good and mainly used to combate swordsmen. Axes are very powerful when combined with LC and rams making a nuke the main use for axes is attack they are horrible defenders and a army of about 3500 swords can wipe out a army of 10,000 defending axes so if your thinking of using axes as defence you can kiss your village goodbye !


Like said before a army of attacking axes is a cause for worry and can slaughter a army of 7k swords alone. Axes are the spear head of the offending side of all armies in Tribalwars and using them wisly you'll have all the players at your mercy.


Though strong in attcks they are so weak in defence that a small army of 3.5k swords attcking a village of 10,000 axes will have them at there mercy. Axes should NEVER be used in defence and if there the spear head of your defence army you can weep with sadness when you see your village/empire crush with so little troops 

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