The Alliance of 5, also known as Ao5, is a coalition on world 2 formed against the tribe -CEG-. Its member tribes are Aten, HOT, TW, RB, and CAKE.

The Formation of the Alliance of 5Edit

The merger of XiG and StW to form -CEG- was a highly controversial event. Many players viewed this as an attempt to dominate world 2. -CEG- claimed that it was a new tribe, and thus was not subject to its old diplomacy, which drew the ire of several tribal family whose relations worsened after the merger. In addition, its failure to recognize CMFAM and CE as part of their new tribes (respectively, TW and Aten) further complicated relations. Eventually, this resulted in Aten declaring war against -CEG-. Soon afterwards, TW and HOT dropped relations with -CEG- and later declared war. RB declared war as well, forming the Alliance of 5.

Amnesty for Players from -CEG-Edit

In a controversial move, the Alliance of 5 sent a message to all members of the -CEG- family offering amnesty to members who left within 24 hours. This message was somewhat effective, perhaps contributing to the defection of around 200 players from the -CEG- family and sparking the reformation of StW.

The transcript of the message sent is as follows.

This mail is being sent to every member of CEG
The contents of this mail have been approved by the leaders of Aten, HOT, TW, CAKE and RB.
You are recieving this because we don't beleive your leaders are giving you the information you deserve.
A few days ago after 2 weeks of CEG attacks on Aten and all peace talks failing, Aten dropped all relations with CEG, many of you are not aware of this because of the failing communication in CEG because of this you didn't even have the chance to arrange support for yourself or teammates, this is not how a tribe should be run.
At 12:00 today Aten declared war on all CEG branches, with HOT and TW promising to follow shortly. In doing this we have created "The alliance of 5" that includes Aten, HOT, TW, CAKE and RB.
Because we accept that many of you don't support CEG or want to fight in this war we are giving you all 24 hours to leave CEG, you can start your own tribe, bring back the StW/XiG tribes or join the alliance we don't mind. After the 24 hours has passed The alliance of 5 will be using a 0 tollerance rule on runners, that means if you stay in CEG after this you are telling us that you support CEG and this war.
You are free to make your own choice so please put serious thought into this.
Regards The Alliance of 5

The major runner problem sparked the reformation of StW and Xig and contributed to the splitting of the family, -CEG- after 5 days of the war.

However, despite the end of -CEG-, the Alliance of 5 will continue to mark StW and XiG as enemies because most of these tribes formed after the 24 hours of amnesty had expired.